Everything you should know to dress smart and look good wearing a skinny tie.

How ties should I go?

A “regular tie” is about 3.5 inches wide. Wearing a slimmer tie lends a fashion-forward edge to a classic style.

  • Extra Skinny Ties

    Extra Skinny

    1.50 to
    1.75 inches

    As thin as they get. Hipster warning imminent!

  • Skinny Ties


    2.00 to
    2.50 inches

    Classic skinny proportions. The sweet spot.

  • Narrow Skinny Ties


    2.75 to
    3.25 inches

    Just a little narrow — not too much though.

Which fabric is right for me?

It depends on the occasion, your attire, and how daring your fashion sense is.

  • Silk Skinny Ties


    For premium finish and feel. Silk is luxury: light weight and smooth.

  • Microfiber Skinny Ties


    Modern microfibers are spun as finely as silk, but with greater durability.

  • Cotton Skinny Ties


    A true natural fabric. Perfect for a casual summer day with a twist.

  • Knit Cotton Skinny Ties

    Knit Cotton

    Unmistakable texture and shape that makes a statement.

  • Wool Skinny Ties


    For bundling under the winter peacoat with scholastic sophistication.

How long should a tie be?

56–58 inch ties will fit 90% of people. Don’t overthink it. Varying your knotting technique can easily transform a long/short tie into the perfect length.

Too long? Too short?
  • Start with a longer tail end.
  • Use a thicker knot like the Half-Windsor.
  • Start with a shorter tail end.
  • Use a thinner knot like the Four-In-Hand.

For Tall People

People taller than 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) usually prefer a lengthier tie. Stick with 58 inch ties and up for the right look.

How wide should a tie bar be?

Your tie bar should always be narrower than your tie. It’s that simple.

If your tie is: Then wear this tie bar:
1.5" skinny tie 1.25" tie bar
1.75" – 2" skinny tie 1.5" tie bar
1.75" tie bar
2.25" – 3" skinny tie 1.75" tie bar

What size should a pocket square be?

Most are 10 inches square, and some are 12 inches.

The size isn't really important though. Folding the square narrower or wider to fit your breast pocket is easy.

The Quarterly