November 10, 2019

Wooden Bow tie

Why made a wooden bow tie?

For the traditional bow tie, I really have no interest, it seems to be attending a retro party.
I bought a few wooden bow ties made by hand-made people, online.
I have to say that very beautiful, beautiful wood grain, with a classic cloth, I suddenly became the focus of the crowd. In the outing, at the party, everything, I am crazy about this feeling. But I have encountered problems, the wooden bow tie made by hand-made people, their wood treatment is not perfect, after all, it is manual, burrs, shape deviation. For some of my own designs, they can't be made.

Instead of waiting, it is better to do it yourself.
I started living with wooden bows every day.Please take care of the trees, save on the use of wood, and use excess waste to fix small saplings when planting trees

Mahoosive wooden bow tie, how we produce a wooden bow tie


  • Wood for the body of the tie.
    The material of wood is the most critical part, because wood is natural, we can't control his color and pattern, so choosing the right material is very important. For example, ice candy from the 502 region of Papua New Guinea has the best color and texture, and that is our good material. Of course, even the best materials, wood crusting, cracks, distortion problems are still there, these can not be used. (Please take care of the trees, save on the use of wood, and use excess waste to fix small saplings when planting trees)

  • Cut the wood with a sawtooth and divide it into pieces of 8 mm thickness

  • Smooth it to 7 mm thickness using sandpaper
    Ok, we have the material to make the bow tie.

  • Use the mold to cut the pieces into the shape we need

  • Polish the edges, be sure to keep the edges of the arc in the same direction, and polish off the excess burrs. Be careful not to damage the shape of the bow tie, use 320# sandpaper.

  • Polish the surface of the bow tie and apply even force to smooth both sides of the chip. Sandpaper order 120# 240# 600#

  • If you need it, you can now make a print on the wood, or some pattern you want.
    You can use a hot stamping mold, pay attention to the temperature is not too high, or there will be coke printing.
    You can also use a laser to burn out the patterns you need.

  • Next, we need to play the color of the wood.
    Using hot beeswax, smearing the surface of the wood, hot beeswax, it is easier to get inside the wooden bow tie.
    Waiting for cooling, the wood absorbs the wax, and some burrs will appear again.
    Don't be discouraged, we will arrive soon, and then use 800# sandpaper to polish it once.
    Now we can apply the second layer of beeswax, a thin layer.

Now we have to start fixing it to our bow tie

  • Material: Bow tie cloth, bow tie adjustment belt, hot melt adhesive

  • Wrap the bow tie around the bow tie and secure the adjustment strap.
    It can be bonded with hot melt adhesive. Be careful not to burn the cloth.

Ok, a beautiful wooden bow tie is done.

Please enjoy your success in a well-lit place, paying attention to the brilliance of the wood texture. I can't describe his beauty, only you can experience it.
You will sigh the charm of nature.

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